"Ця їжа коштує сто гривень."

Translation:This food costs one hundred hryvnyas.

September 15, 2015



I know the word but I don't know the buying power of Ukrainian hryvnyas. Would I be getting ripped off for this food?

September 15, 2015


You can get 500g pizza for that money in a mid range cafe. Or 1 and a half salads. Or burger and a glass of juice

September 15, 2015


Thanks for the info. I was just reading about Taras Shevchenko yesterday and learned that his portrait is on the "сто гривня."

September 16, 2015


That's around 4€

September 15, 2015


Here: https://www.google.com/search?q=1+usd+in+hryvnias Based on the chart, it seems as though it went down during the whole 2014 thing :(

December 9, 2015


The costs of UAH has changed a lot after the Crimean aggression and the whole war on the East of Ukraine thing. It used to be 8 hryvnias per a euro 2 years ago. Now it's 29 UAH per 1 euro and probably (fingers crossed for not) will get higher.

March 17, 2016


Oh come on, the answer is wrong, because I wrote Hrywnja and not Hrywnya. Hryvnya is also possible transcript...

February 6, 2018
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