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  5. "Ця їжа коштує сто гривень."

"Ця їжа коштує сто гривень."

Translation:This food costs one hundred hryvnyas.

September 15, 2015



Oh come on, the answer is wrong, because I wrote Hrywnja and not Hrywnya. Hryvnya is also possible transcript...


I know the word but I don't know the buying power of Ukrainian hryvnyas. Would I be getting ripped off for this food?


You can get 500g pizza for that money in a mid range cafe. Or 1 and a half salads. Or burger and a glass of juice


Thanks for the info. I was just reading about Taras Shevchenko yesterday and learned that his portrait is on the "сто гривня."


Here: https://www.google.com/search?q=1+usd+in+hryvnias Based on the chart, it seems as though it went down during the whole 2014 thing :(


The costs of UAH has changed a lot after the Crimean aggression and the whole war on the East of Ukraine thing. It used to be 8 hryvnias per a euro 2 years ago. Now it's 29 UAH per 1 euro and probably (fingers crossed for not) will get higher.


What the hell? In one option is hryvnia and the othwr is hryvnya?!!!


Can we gave conformity in which hryvnias or hryvnya to use at this now how many time I lost a life due to this or left out the ? mark

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