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  5. "Quanta frutta mangia l'uomo?"


"Quanta frutta mangia l'uomo?"

January 3, 2013



In the slow version the speaker inserts what sounds like "da" before "mangia." The sound is not in the normal-speed version. This should be corrected.


What if we answer "How many fruits does the man eat" isn't that almost the same?


Not really. That is an somewhat awkward translation. It is common to hear either How much fruit does the man eat? or How many kinds of fruit does the man eat? The meanings are different, of course. If you knew what specific kind of fruit he was eating, you might hear How many apples (or oranges, etc.) does he eat?, but not How many fruits does he eat?


Fruit is an uncountable noun, therefore has no plural and you should use "How much" instead of "How many". There is a plural form of fruit, but it changes the meaning to "type of fruit", as in the question "Which fruits do you like?"

Reference (part of it in Spanish): http://www.wordreference.com/es/translation.asp?tranword=fruit


is it possible to say "quanta frutta l'uomo mangia?"


Word order is reverse in questions that have a question word at the start - the subject should be placed at the end of the sentence.

Question word = quanto/quanta, cosa, quale, chi, etc...

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