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'Strenghten Skills' button just takes lessons one by one?

The 'Strenghten Skills' button recently changed the type of questions asked, instead of asking questions from different lessons, which was great for mixing the skills and keep the user attentive to tenses, cases, etc., it now looks like it is asking questions from the first lesson for which the strength is not 5/5, then asks questions in the next lesson (or same lesson if 5/5 is not achieved).

This can as easily be done by a user clicking one by one and doing each lesson that has not 5/5 strength. Could we please get back a 'Strenghten Skills' button that mixes the questions from different lessons?

September 15, 2015



I agree too. Real world learning happens when you don't know quite what is coming. It would be a very useful once a day test.


Agreed - I like having the option to strengthen more than one skill at at time.


That top post was written two years ago and it's still extremely relevant. Now that I've finished my French tree, this practice method has been driving me nuts. Duo goes through the tree in the order I'm not at 5/5, so as soon as I start the next lesson I know it's going to be further down the tree from the last one, and I'm familiar enough with the tree by now to have a pretty good idea where it is. It's not challenging my ability to flex what I'm hearing/seeing, it's mainly helping me get better at memorizing rote words and phrases. Mixing things up from lesson to lesson in the practices would be a huge help. Else I think Duo French may have run its course for me.


Just posting a new message in order for this not to be buried in the old messages..

Come on Duolingo guys.. This was working fine before, could we get it back?

Thank you!


Yes yes yes. I hate the change as well, and would love to have mixed strengthening back.


This is still not corrected and we still have this 'Strenghten Skills' button that merely reviews each lesson one by one.. There is no chance of mixing skills anymore, which is a step further from the real world... Could you please get this button back to its real purpose, which was to aks questions from different lessons?

Thank you,


I have the same problem. Would be great if it would be restored to the original button. :)


Yeah, it's like the instant that the buttons gives its first two questions it will be obvious what you're practicing, like "The strawberries" then "He drinks soda" you're like "oh it must be the food section"


Agreed, I'm also having a problem with my bars not refilling at all even if I get every question right. They should really fix this.


Still relevant. Please fix this, it's the only sad thing about Duolingo! It's so boring to just be able to practice one lesson at a time.

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