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"What kind of information does he have?"

Translation:Hva slags informasjon har han?

September 15, 2015



It should also be possible to translate this to : "hva slags informasjon er det han har?"


I agree. It certainly sounds like good Norwegian, and I don't think the meaning gets altered either.


It's been added!


Opplysningen doesn't it mean information ?


en opplysning = a piece of information
informasjon = information

Since "en opplysning" is countable, and "information" is not, the two map pretty poorly. However, there are cases where the plural forms "opplysninger/opplysningene" can translate to "information/the information":

"Han ga oss [ny informasjon/nye opplysninger]".
"He gave us new [information/pieces of information]".

"Hva slags opplysninger har han?" could be an interpretation of the sentence in question.


Jeg tror at det tar meg litt tid å assimilere denne!


It might help to think of similar cases where the English word is uncountable, but the Norwegian equivalent is countable:

  • furniture; a piece of furniture
  • jewelry; a piece of jewelry
  • advice; a piece of advice
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