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  5. "Bu kitabı sana anlatırım."

"Bu kitabı sana anlatırım."

Translation:I tell you about this book.

September 15, 2015



What is the difference between 'anlatirim' and 'söylerim'? Is ''söylerim' correct here?


"Söylemek" is a quick way of explaining something but "anlatmak" requires a detailed way.


"I tell you this book." is also correct? Is there a difference between these two sentences?


"I tell you this book" does not make much sense in English unfortunately (it could be used in the context of telling the name of the book in some contexts, but that is not what the Turkish here means). You have found one of the hardest things for Turks learning English (awkward phrasal verbs with very small differences in meaning). :)


Why wouldn't "I explain this book to you" work?

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