"Are you a director?"

Translation:Müdür müsünüz?

September 15, 2015


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I answered "yonetmen misin" and it was correct. How can "Müdür müsünüz?" be "are you A director?" if it is plural?

September 15, 2015


"siz" is formal singular as well. You are not sure if you are talking to one or multiple people :)

September 15, 2015


Why is Müdür müsün? wrong?

OK, I have to edit: when I had this in multiple choice I chose both Müdür müsün? and Müdür müsünüz and was marked wrong because only the plural was right. Then later I got it as an open question so I tried the singular again and it was marked right. Apparently there is a mistake in the rating of the multiple choice version.

February 5, 2017


I also just had this problem.

June 13, 2017


Director can be translated as müdür and yönetici same meaning but the yönetmen is totally different and secondary meaning a kind of a movie director is yönetmen in Turkish language anyways.

March 26, 2017


"Are you a director?" Translation: Müdür müsünüz?

& Müdür müsün?

December 8, 2018


"Sen BIR müdür müsün?" not ok?

September 30, 2015


It is ok and I added it. Keep in mind though that it may sound a little weird in some contexts. "bir" isn't normally used with occupations even though it isn't technically grammatically incorrect.

September 30, 2015
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