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Timezone and DST settings

It is currently daylight savings time here in Australia, however the state that I live in doesn't observe DST. It's just gone past 11pm and my daily streak has been reset. I assume Duolingo has adjusted for DST which the majority of Australia is observing at the moment, but there is no option for me to adjust my timezone settings to disable it. This is the second time I've lost my daily streak count now because of this problem.

Does Duolingo have timezone and DST options hidden away somewhere, and if not, would if be possible to add these settings?

4 years ago


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I also had problem with my streak of more or less same kind. I created my account when I was abroad, in different time zone by one hour. And it is counted as this "start" zone, even though my Weekly Progress is shown according to my local zone settings.

I don't want to complan, but is there any chance there will be possibility to change time zone by myself?

4 years ago


I am having trouble with my time zone in regards to notifications.. I have it set to email me if I forget to practice by 9pm, but I get an email every morning at 1:35am! WHYYYYYY? I've changed it around and experimented with different settings, but I can't seem to fix this…

Anyone else?

4 years ago