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When introducing a new noun in German, please give us both singular and plural

On the "new noun" pages, it gives you audio and text of the singular word with some photos of the thing. Since German plurals are inconsistent and unpredictable, it would be handy if you also provided audio and text of the plural of the word.

Thank you.

January 3, 2013



In German, it would be nice to see the article, word, and plural form of each


In Basics 2 they gave me teacher for the first time asking me to translate from German "die Lehrer" and when I said "a teacher" it shot me down with no explanation. I had to go to the comments to learn about pluralizing articles.


Happened with me as well. But I was given the correct explanation, though I suspect if there's bug, cause' manier times the program (I use the app for iPhone) wouldn't even recognise the mistakes. Also, it could just be a network issue.


Which language are you refering to, freewheel?



Sorry, I thought I was posting in a language-specific forum. I edited the post and moved it to the German forum.

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