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Store is broken.

I cannot buy a "Heart Refill" or a "Double or Nothing". I have plenty of lingots. I am running Firefox on CentOS, and am up to date. the store used to work. Anyone else have problems with the store?

November 2, 2013



I purchased Double or Nothing a while ago and it's stayed stuck at Day 0 of 7 ever since. Is there any way to reset/restart this ?


It looks like you already own 'Heart Refill' and 'Double or Nothing'. You'd have to use them before buying those again.


Thank you for checking. I was able to use it on Saturday, which is why I now have the 'Heart Refill' and 'Double or Nothing'. Next time I am ready to purchase something in the store, I will compare different platforms and browsers to see if that is the problem. I haven't had any other issues with Duolingo, and I have learned a lot.

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