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"This book is mine, his is at school."

Translation:Bu kitap benim, onunki okulda.

September 15, 2015



Is it possible to say "Bu kitap benimki"?


why not "bu benimKI kitap, onunki okulda."??

mine = benimki yours = seninki his/hers = onunki


Benimki is used to replace the noun - not be used alongside it. In English you can't say "This is mine book" either.


Why not "Bu kitabı benim"?


You only use 'kitabı' when it is both a particular book and also the object of a verb.

So 'Bu kitabı okuyorum' is correct because it's a particular book (this one) AND it's the object of the verb 'okumak' (it's the thing that's being read).

But 'kitap' is used when neither or only one of those conditions is met. For example 'Bir kitap okuyorum.' (It's the object of the verb, but it's just 'a' book, not a particular one) or 'Bu kitap büyük.' (it's a specific book, but not the object of a verb).

This is the accusative case - have a look at the module on it for lots of examples.


One thing I have found with the modules is that there may be lots of examples but not a lot of explanation unless you trawl through the discussions and what is used one time is completely different in another module. Consistency isn't Duo's strongpoint


Bu benim kitabım, onunki okulda. Yazdım kabul etmedi


That would mean "This is my book." It is slightly different than "This book is mine" :)


I think this sentence is incorrect. "Benim" is an adjective and cant be used at the end of the sentence. This sentence can be said as "Bu benim kitabim" or "Bu kitap benimki", but not as Bu kitap benim


Sometimes adjectives do go at the end of the sentence, for example 'my book is big' 'benim kitabım büyük'.

'Bu benim kitabım' means 'this is my book', which is slightly different. 'Benimki' does mean 'mine', but it replaces the noun. So you could say 'bu benimki', meaning 'this is mine', or 'bu kitap benim' meaning this book is mine.


Bu kitap benimdir, onunki okuldadır. neden olmuyor?


When you point at a book and say bu i thought it became specific.and hence becomes kitabı.why am i wrong.


"Kitabi" is only accusative, nominative for a specific book will be "kitap" too


Because this book is the subject, it does not matter how specific it gets, it will never take the accusative case.

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