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"Hunden sover den gule matten."

Translation:The dog is sleeping on the yellow rug.

September 15, 2015



The audio for "den" is bad, it's only an "n" sound to me. :/


I'm confused "matten" and "en mat"(food) XD


'en mat' = 'a food'

'maten' = 'the food'

'en matte' = 'a mat'

'matten' = 'the mat/math(s)'

Long vowel vs short vowel


Matten var hvite når vi kjøpte det.


Isn't the word "gule" supposed to be reserved for plural words? Is "gul" a word in Norwegian language?


It's used for plurals, and for the definite singulars.

"Gul" is the correct form of the adjective when describing masculine or feminine indefinite singular nouns. "Gult" is both the name of the colour (the noun), and the form of the adjective that goes with indefinite neuter nouns.


Can somebody please change the audio for "den"? :)


It's a robot from a website (sorry I dont'it remember the name) it's not from duolingo


That's right, the TTS we use is called Liv, and provided by IVONA.

So we can't do anything to alter the audio, only turn off the listening exercises.


Just out of curiosity I checked it out. IVONA has been taken over by Amazon Polly, according to the link, so does this mean we're getting a better sound quality?


Decades ago in a college Norwegian class I learned the phrase, "Det er ikke gul alt som glimmerer." It is not just gold that glimmers. I have only seen gul having the meaning of yellow in Duo. Did I learn incorrectly? What is the word for gold? Thanks

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