"They are not learning much."

Translation:Ili ne multe lernas.

September 15, 2015

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We're trying man, we're trying...


I'm still not quite understanding. What is the difference between lernas and lernantaj? Can someone explain the difference to me?


On this course, sometimes the "correct" answer given is not helpful for the current level of understanding people practicing this skill possess. I made a silly mistake and it gave me the same "correct" answer I believe you received: "Ili ne estas lernantaj multe." I do think that is correct, but so is "Ili ne lernas multe."


If I remember well, anta is the equivalent of -ing


I don't think so. The English sentence could also be said, albeit less eloquently, as "They learn not much". Therefore, nothing needs to be done to the verb "lernas" to say the exact same sentence.


However, I do think you are correct, in some way. I am not as fluent in Esperanto as you, so maybe you know more than me, but I don't think lernantaj is relevant to the sentence.


Can someone tell me why this isn't "Ili ne estas lerno multe" please?


Well, that's the way Esperanto grammar works. Basically, because Esperanto is Esperanto and not English with Esperanto vocabulary.

The present progressive tense ("to be doing sth") is an English thing. Other language like Esperanto do not use it this way.


Understood - thanks.


Sed oni ja povus diri "Ili ne estas lernantaj multe", ĉu ne?


Tiu formo estas gramatike simila al la angla "present progressive". Sed tamen la uzo estas alia. Oni uzas ĝin multe pli malofte ol la "present progressive" en la angla.


Sounds like you're describing my Latin class


Why 'multe' rather than 'multon'? Does it mean they are lazy or skive off? Or that they only learn a small amount?


I think you are asking basically the same I am wondering about:
Does the English sentence mean that they don't learn about much things, or they don't spend much of their time for studying? I guess, it can mean either.


Why isnt "Ili estas multe lernas" okay?


Is this not correct and why "Ili ne lernas multajn"?


Is this not correct and why "Ili ne lernas multajn"?

It is not correct.

It would mean "They do not learn many."

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