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  5. My last name is Arıza


My last name is Arıza

And my dad says is a turkish word. what is the meaning of it?

September 15, 2015



You don't will wanna know it.


İf your dad says to you 'arıza', you have an error. usually, this word is used for fun.


But it's a common word for you? I mean it's something you normally use ? And please give me an example of it.


it is not that that common you usually see it in written turkish for example

"Asansör arızalı lütfen merdivenleri kullanın" (elevator is broken please take the stairs) in every day you dont normally say "Asansör arızalandı" people usually say "Asansör bozuldu" so it's not that common but you see it every now and then

and if arıza is used for a person it means he's unpredictable or crazy for example "adam arızalı"(that guy/man is crazy ) but people rarely use this last time i heard this was probably 3 years ago

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