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Latin for Duolingo: Animals, Lesson 3

Salvete omnes!

Welcome to any newcomers to this ongoing series of Latin lessons on the Duolingo forum! I’ve been posting them for six months now, on a completely unofficial basis. Here are the links to find past lessons and other helps for learning Latin:

We continue with animals this week. You have probably noticed already that Latin has a rich vocabulary of scientific words. Some vocabulary can be quite confusing, as there are multiple words for some animals, or variant forms of one word. I try my best to give the most commonly accepted variant, but it’s sometimes a judgement call.

New Vocabulary

aranea, ae (araneus, i) = spider
cerva, ae (cervus, i) = deer, stag
elephantus, i = elephant
lupus, i = wolf
insectum, i = insect (literally, something cut into sections, i.e. the head, thorax and abdomen)(also bestiola, ae, “little creature”)
bubo, bubonis (m.) = owl (also strix, strigis)
lepus, leporis (m.)/(also cuniculus, i) = rabbit, hare
serpens, serpentis, serpentium (c.) = snake
testudo, testudinis (f.) = tortoise, turtle (also a defensive military formation)
tigris, tigris or tigridis = tiger

New Sentences

Lupus cuniculum (leporem) edit. = The wolf eats the rabbit.
Lepus lupum videt. = The rabbit sees the wolf.
Tigris cervam edit. = The tiger eats the deer.
Cervus hominem videt. = The deer sees the man.
Bubo murem edit. = The owl eats a mouse.
Magnus elephantus herbam edit. = The big elephant eats grass.
Aranea muscam edit. = The spider eats a fly.
Puer parvum serpentem habet. = The boy has a small snake.
Serpentes non amo. = I do not like snakes.
Cerva in silvā habitat. = The deer lives in the forest.
Magistra librum de testudine et lepore legit. = The teacher reads a book about the tortoise and the hare.
Elephantos in vivario videmus. = We see the elephants in the zoo.
Apis est insectum. = The bee is an insect.
Sunt multa insecta in urbe. = There are many insects in the city.
Tigris tuus est pulcher. = Your tiger is beautiful.
Avus cuniculum Luciae dat. = Grandfather gives Lucia a rabbit.
Duo est bubo. = Duo is an owl.
Lupa non est mater Romuli et Remi. = The she-wolf is not the mother of Romulus and Remus.
Testudo volat. = (proverbial) A turtle flies; Impossible.

Well, I certainly don’t think it’s impossible to learn Latin on Duolingo, and I hope you enjoyed this lesson. Next time we’ll work on family names and terms. Habeatis bonam fortunam!

September 15, 2015



I wish Duolingo would actually make an official Latin course. On a random note, would you guys be interested in a Latin Skype group?


I was looking for link to next lesson and found it here family 1, if anyone is looking. https://en.m.wikiversity.org/wiki/Latin/Family_Lesson_1

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