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Are my sentences correct?


I'm trying to form sentences on my own to use in my everyday life. Could you please tell me if i'm forming them correctly?

I want to go to the gym. = spor salonu istiyorum gitmek. or is it "gitmek istiyorum spor salonu"?

I want to walk. = Yürüyüş istiyorum.

I want to go to the bathroom. = Gitmek istiyorum tuvalet.

I'm hungry. = aç / or is it: "açım" (i'm assuming this is the correct one)?

The sentence order is subject + object + verb, right? What might I be doing wrong?

(Changing the combination on Google Translate usually returns the same result, so I can't be sure if the sentences i'm making are correct or not.)

Thanks in advance!

3 years ago


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"I want to go to the gym" -- Spor salonuna gitmek istiyorum.

"I want to walk" -- Yürüyüş istiyorum or Yürümek istiyorum. (It depends on the context)

"I want to go to the bathroom" -- Tuvalete gitmek istiyorum.

"I'm hungry" -- Açım.

3 years ago


If I may ask, would translating "I want to drink tea" to "çay içmek istiyorum" be correct?

3 years ago


it is correct

3 years ago


"Yürüyüş istiyorum" isn't correct! You'd better say "yürüyüş yapmak istiyorum" if you want to say "I want to take a walk". "Yürümek istiyorum" would be the only cırrect translation for "I want to walk". Everything else is right, though.

Source: Native speaker here

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3 years ago