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Possessives Notes Update & Feedback Request

Hei Norwegian Leaners!

I've made updates to the "possessives" section's tips and notes so that it's more approachable and clear. It had been a monstrosity initially. Please let us know what you think of it.

Additionally, if there's anything about our course (however major or minor) you would like to submit feedback about, we would love to hear from you. There will be a massive thread on improvements as we begin working on Tree 2.0, which we do not have the ability to work on currently.



September 15, 2015



Thank you so much for all of the work you guys have put in this program. You have helped my life. I have dyslexia, the constant feedback and drill has been wonderful. I can't wait for the additional content. It would be great if you guys could add more business terms. Perhaps optional industry jargon. Also plenty more adj., verbs and slang. Basically I am thankful for anything you guys do :)

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Thanks, Luke, it looks good to me (I can't say if it's clearer although I compared the new version to my saved old version — maybe I'm already used to it :)).

Since you're asking: I found two minor things (typos):

  • Verbs: Present Perfect: "Group 2 This is the other big group. The past participle is formed by adding a -t. If the stem ends in v, g og or a diphthong (ai, au, ei, oi, øy) we use a -d."

  • Verbs: Past Perfect: third paragraph: "That sounds comfusing [...]"

Edit P.S. Many thanks to your team and you for building such a great tree! The tips & notes have all been very useful!



Fixed! The changes should be viewable within a few days.

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Thanks! And happy 100, by the way. I'm really surprised that it takes that long to be published (I know this is out of your control — interesting, though!).

Thanks again for this amazing tree! :)


Isn't there a possessive pronoun for 3rd person singular? For example, how to translate this to Norwegian: "I have a car. Its' color is red".

Also, the grammar notes have nice tables with examples and explanations, but they may not be as good as a reference, which works better when everything is short and in one place. I created this pronoun table for myself, maybe someone will find it useful. Feel free to add comments and suggest edits, there could be mistakes :)



Thank you. That is a great spreadsheet.


Can anyone explain me the difference between hene and hennes? Because i can't find it in tips & notes. e. "Alle unntatt hene" why not "Alle unntatt hennes" ?


Henne is the object form of hun.

Liker du henne? Do you like her?

Hennes is the possessive adjective associated with hun.

Jeg liker kjolen hennes. I like her dress.


Thank you for the notes update. It is very helpful.

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