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  5. "Ateşim var."

"Ateşim var."

Translation:I have a fever.

September 15, 2015



Dumb question,but how would you say "i have a fire"

[deactivated user]

    Pretty good question if you ask me. :)

    It's ''bende ateş var'' but you can also use ''ateşim var''


    Bende ateş var is using so for example:

    -Benim arabam var

    -bende de ateş var


    Same way. If a stranger asks you "Ateşiniz var mı?", then he/she probably wants to borrow a lighter or a match from you to smoke.


    It should be i have fever


    Is fever a countable word? Fever vs. a fever ?


    In English, it is countable, although you normally would just hear it in the singular with "a" before it.


    But if "I have fever" is commonly used and accepted in English, then the program shouldn't have considered it wrong, especially since this course is not aimed at teaching English.


    It is not commonly accepted. Besides, even if in some rare circumstances the word could be used without an article, these pairs of sentences are also used with Turkish native speakers learning English. It would be wrong to mislead them into thinking "I have fever" is correct and common.


    thanks. I didn't know that English uses an article here. But going on from this would you say "I hava a fever" or "I have a (high) temperature"? Seems that I didn't need it in my time in England...


    I wrote the I as an i and got the sentence wrong, someone fix this please


    And the only prescription is more cowbell!


    Dear native English speakers, is it completely incorrect to say "I have fever" without an article?

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