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Any Baha'is?

Hello all! I was wondering if there were any members of the Baha'i Faith learning Esperanto using Duolingo. I don't mean to be disrespectful or discriminative in asking this.

The Baha'i Faith was founded in 19th century Iran by a man named Baha'u'llah. His coming was foretold by a man called the Bab (meaning gate). Baha'u'llah is regarded as a prophet and taught the oneness of humanity (humanity is one, there is no need for prejudice), the oneness of religion (all religions derive from the same source, or have similar doctrine), and the oneness of God (God is one, is omnipotent, is omniscient, and we can never completely know God). Progressive revelation is taught with Baha'u'llah being God's most recent messenger in a line of prophets including Moses, Jesus, Muhammed, Krishna, and the Buddha, among others. The faith also teaches the need for universal education and the use of an international language, which is not specified, but over the years Esperanto has gained popularity in the religion (Baha'u'llah's son, Abdu'l-Baha praised the language). L.L. Zamenhof's daughter, Lidja, was a Baha'i.

I was wondering if there were any Baha'is learning Esperanto because of their religion.

Dankon :)

*I myself actually found out about the Baha'i Faith through Esperanto. I find it to be a beautiful religion, with great people doing wonderful work. Thank you for all you do.

September 16, 2015



On rare occasions I do volunteer work with Baha'is, and I plan on letting them know about Duolingo. I'm always surprised that so few Americans know about it still.


I'm thinking about converting to the Baha'i Faith. Since one of the social principles `Abdu'l-Bahá taught is a Universal auxiliary language, I think one step for me joining the religion is learning Esperanto. Even if I don't convert, I think it's a very beautiful religion and it's very interesting to learn their connection with languages.

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