"Hast du nichts zu tun, oder was?"

Translation:Don't you have anything to do, or what?

September 16, 2015

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I translated as "Haven't you anything to do, or what?" which, as far as I know is correct English. I was marked wrong because I left out 'got' which, to me , is not necessary in this sentence.


Nein, stattdessen bin ich noch nur hier. ;)


"noch nur" doesn't really work, I can't think of any instance when that would be a natural sequence of words a native German speaker would utter. Also, "stattdessen" is far, far too formal in this context, which is clearly informal as illustrated by the phrase "oder was?".

What did you mean to say? No, I'm just (hanging around) here? Better: Nein, ich bin eben/halt nur hier.


Ich hatte es als "stattdessen bin ich nur noch hier" gelesen (und gar nicht gemerkt, dass die Worte anders herum standen).

Also als ob er/sie früher verschiedene Hobbys hatte aber seit einiger Zeit die ganze Zeit mit Duolingo verbringt und eben nur noch hier herumsitzt.


Ah yes... you can indeed transpose the "noch nur" and make it sound OK... good point.


It is funny. I think the most Germans will tell at first , "use 'doch'" instead of "nein" to disagree. ~ I am still unsure if (you) whatada want to agree or disagree.

And as second point I will say: Why so serious? It is a typical phrase for "you get on my nerves, help me or go!"


It's "to get on someone's nerves", not "go" - that's Denglisch :)

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