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"Shall we go to the movies at seven in the evening?"

Translation:Ĉu ni iru al kinejo je la sepa vespere?

September 16, 2015



We use twenty-four hour time elsewhere, why not here?


We should know both.

BTW, "la sepa vespere" = "la dek-naŭa". That means that "la dek-naŭa" may be already accepted.


It wasn't when I tried it. But I complained and was told a day or two ago that they were now accepting "la dek-naua." Do they?


If they told you that it's accepted, then it's accepted. I didn't try it myself, but I believe that it's a good translation.


I noticed that Duolingo also accepts this as a valid transltion:

  • Ĉu ni iru al la kinejo ĉe la deknaŭa horo?

I'm confused about the use of ĉe here. I mean, I've seen je, as well as using the accusative (without a preposition), but I've never seen ĉe used with time before.

Could this be a typo? Maybe instead of ĉe, je was meant instead.

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