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Slow Finnish - Chapter 1c - Terve

Numerot 0-10 - Numbers 0-10

  • nolla 0
  • yksi 1
  • kaksi 2
  • kolme 3
  • neljä 4
  • viisi 5
  • kuusi 6
  • seitsemän 7
  • kahdeksan 8
  • yhdeksän 9
  • kymmenen 10


Harjoitus 1 - Exercise 1

Tee laskutoimitukset ja lue ääneen. - Make the calculations and read out loud. (+ plus; - miinus; = on)

  • kuusi + kaksi = __
  • kaksi - yksi = __
  • kolme + kolme = _
  • yhdeksän - kaksi = __
  • seitsemän + kolme = ____
  • kuusi - yksi = __
  • kolme + yksi = ___
  • kymmenen - kahdeksan = _____
  • viisi + neljä = ___
  • seitsemän - seitsemän = ___

Harjoitus 2 - Exercise 2

Lue lauseet ääneen. - Read the sentences out loud.

  • Eino Leinon puhelinnumero on 040 82 47 55 996
  • Karita Mattilan puhelinnumero on 040 57 21 46 779
  • Saku Koivun puhelinnumero on 050 91 82 37´465
  • Sauli Niinistön puhelinnumero on 040 57 38 63 219
  • Juha Sipilän puhelinnumero on 050 67 58 49 522
  • Ville Valon puhelinnumero on 040 85 59 72 113
  • Yleinen hätänumero on 112.

Sanasto - vocabulary

Harjoitus 3 - Exercise 3

Vastaa kysymykseen. - Anwer the question.

  • Mikä sinun puhelinnumerosi on?
  • Minun puhelinnumeroni on ____.

Please let me know, what you think about this lesson. It will help me to create future lessons. Hei!

September 16, 2015



Numbers in Finnish are the one thing that I haven't yet mastered, they're so difficult once you start adding them up past 99, and they're so long! It's a good thing they're shorter in colloquial speech though, phew. D:

An awesome lesson again! Kiitos vaivannäöstä ja hienosta opetuksesta! :D


What's difficult about them after 99 (except length)? You just put them one after another with 10s, 100s, 1000s, millions aso. in partitive if there is more than one of them. And you already know 10s if you have gotten to 99.


Woops, bit of a delayed reply, my bad! You and Zzzzz... both got it right, the length of the numbers, especially when you then have to decline them makes numbers really confusing sometimes. So I'm glad you can sort of cheat when writing by saying, for instance, 28,942:lla instead of kahdellatuhannellaykdeskälläsadallaneljälläkahdella...even typing it hurts my brain! XD As for pronouncing it...well. :)


Kahdellakymmenelläkahdeksallatuhannellayhdeksälläsadallaneljälläkymmenelläkahdella - Scarcerer, help! Did I get it right? :)


It's correct, but theres a space after thousands:

Kahdellakymmenelläkahdeksallatuhannella yhdeksälläsadallaneljälläkymmenelläkahdella

You put a space where ever there's a space in the numbers (after every three digits starting from the end). There's no comma or point in numbers in Finnish. If you use a comma, it becomes a decimal number.

Big numbers are usually written in letters, because they take a lot of space and are hard to understand. However in prose numbers are written with letters, except in science fiction ;)

In speech the example would be kahellakytäkaheksallatuhannella yheksälläsaallaneljälläkytäkahella Not much shorter.


Thank you, cc. Is that Helsinki slang? I would never say kytä instead of kymmenellä (I am from Savonia).


You used quite a lot of "full" suffixes. Kahelkytkaheksaltuhannel yheksälsaalneljälkytkahel would do just fine. FWIW, I'm a westerner and I would say kyt(ä) but not saal(la).


True, it can actually be shortened even more :D My dialect is a bit of a mix, I tend to drop d's.


Dang, I completely messed up and forgot kymmenen before tuhatta! See, it's so difficult to get right. XD Kiitti, kun huomasit tuon virheen!


For heaven's sake, do not trust me! :) If I were you, I would wait for scarcerer's comment on this one!


I think you are being a bit rude. Sateenkaaret makes a good point. The longer numbers are very difficult once you start to learn other cases than just nominative. Words like sadannenviidenkymmenennen or sadattaviidettäkymmenettäkolmatta are very difficult to me, too, even though I am a native speaker.


Sorry, I didn't mean to come off as rude. Personally I don't have a problem with the cases but that, of course, doesn't mean others can't have.

(PS. sadannenviidennenkymmenennen.)


Argh. See. I told you they are difficult to me. :)


Ugh, although I know these numbers already, actually counting in them was pretty tough. It's a good thing it's still morning and I'm fresh. :)



And kaksi means poop in Hungarian. Oh yeah, related languages:)


Ha ha. :D I think the similarities between Finnish and Hungarian are in the grammar, not the vocabulary. But I do not know any Hungarian, so I am just repeating what I have heard.


This what I heard also but I don't speak Finnish:) I have to correct myself a bit, poop is 'kaka', and kaksi would be a 'little poo' , like what a little child says. Sorry, I should discuss a different word....

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