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Any suggestions for classic Norwegian books in the horror/gothic, fantasy, or sci-fi genres?

It seems like most Norwegian books are modernist, focusing on simple stories about the daily lives of believable and relatable characters. A lot of them are crime stories. That's not really my thing though. I like authors like Edgar Allen Poe, Lovecraft, H.G. Welles, and Tolkein. I could just read translations I suppose. But wth its dark, secluded forests, old castles and stave churches, I think Norway would be a great setting for a Viking-heavy dark fantasy story or a demon-ridden gothic novel. Any suggestions?

September 16, 2015



off topic. I dont know gothic Norwegian books. But to my mind - "Appelsinpiken" Gaarders and "Little Lord" Borgens - must read for everyone) Although its the daily lives... but "Little Lord" - no so routine and ordinary...


Is yellow color mistake?

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You just didn't use the simple/correct ' (apostrophe). You used an accent (grave accent) instead which highlights things: like this. Compare this with the apostrophe. Full description on formatting.


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