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  5. "Du er ikke et offer."

"Du er ikke et offer."

Translation:You are not a victim.

September 16, 2015



If this is a reference to what I think it's a reference to, it's by far the coolest reference I've seen on this course yet. :D

"Du er ikke et offer. Du er ikke et offer. Du er ikke et offer. Du er ikke et offer. Gud skal bøye seg før meg. Gud skal krype på føttene mine. Disse er de døende årende. Disse er de døende årende.

Når du lider... må du vite at jeg har forrådet deg."

Hopefully I translated the lyrics correctly haha. (Empty Sounds of Hatred by Marilyn Manson)


Vi er ikke et offer. Du er ikke et offer. Vi er ikke et offer. Du er ikke et offer. Gud vil bøye seg for meg. Gud vil krype for føttene mine. Dette er de døende årene. Dette er de døende årene.

Når du lider... vit at jeg har forrådt deg.

I don't really know how to translate the difference between grovel and crawl. In my dictionary grovel and crawl both comes up as krype, although I would like to translate grovel before me as "smisk for meg" or maybe "fornedre seg foran meg"


Thanks! Some of the mistakes you corrected seem obvious to me now. I'm still confused about why you used "for" in the 5th and 6th lines though. And why "dette" instead of "disse"?


If I am queuing up to crawl, the person in front of me will "bøye seg før meg". He will crawl before I get to crawl. If I'm the one every one is coming to crawl before, he will "bøye seg for meg".

Før is a time-preposition (before, earlier than). "For" will have several alternatives when translated, but in this instance before/for happens to be valid. Before and before...

When choosing between dette and disse I just thought it sounded better with dette.. Lyrically I think I can argue both. Disse is grammatically correct, as there are several dying years in question. With dette The Dying Years has been transformed into an entity.


Cool, thanks! So "paa" can't be used in the sentence "Gud vil krype paa foettene mine"? And, come to think of it, why would it be "vil" instead of "skal"? I thought "skal" usually translates to "will" while "vil" translates to "wants to".


Krype på føttene means literally crawling on top of the feet (ouch).

About vil og skal.. me thinks I shall need a break as my brain hurts now. My gigantic 2001 English-Norwegian dictionary says (without the full notes it's a bit confusing) :

Ville - 1 want, want to, will, shall, wish 2 will, would 3 will, shall, would, should, going to 4 would, should

Skulle - 1 be going to, will, shall 2 have to, must 3 will 4 be supposed to, be said to, 5 would, is, could


"I hate you and I was thinking about your friend Grace". -- Any takers?


Now I see it! Duolingo is all part of the system ! Hidden messages between the Glitterati to take over the world, including Norway. Thank you Reginald.


Funny, I first learned that offer meant "sacrifice."

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