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  5. "Har du fået mit brev?"

"Har du fået mit brev?"

Translation:Did you get my letter?

September 16, 2015



When would you use fået for "received", and when would you use "modtaget"?


"Modtage" is more formal and can only mean 'recieve' whereas "fået" can be both 'recieved' and 'gotten'. That is, you can not only "få" letters but also gifts, promotions, diseases and more.


There really does seem to be an awful lot of formal language in this course. It's almost business Danish. It seems a bit strange when they don't really teach many nouns so you end up with sentences like "The girl's turtle neglected to consider the ramifications of the little mouse eating the Italian man's cheese."


If we are talking about Present Perfect, should not it be "Have you received my letter" ?


Is there a subtle difference in meaning? Asking about both Danish and English


Gotten is given as translation on mouseover; and it is synonymous with received, so why is it wrong? Especially, if you consider faet as less formal, you would not use the formal translation received. Please reconsider.

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