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ESOL students: Spanish to English - Need accent buttons!

I am a Spanish teacher and love duolingo for reinforcing the teaching of Spanish! This year I have three students who are learning English. We set up accounts moving them from spanish to english. To my surprise there are no accent buttons for when they need to type in Spanish like there are for my students learning Spanish.

I tried using the ALT codes but they don't work within duolingo for me. I am able to cut and paste the letters with accents, but that is quite tedious. Is it possible for the duolingo developers to add the accent buttons within the program?

Please forgive any typos as I am currently using voice to text while I commute to work.

September 16, 2015



I suggested to add the "special" letters of a language both cases of the learned language and of the "source" language months ago. From what I remember from the answer, it wasn't planned by Duo to be done because Duo considers that the users using a course from a given language do have the keyboard to type in said language.
In your case, if I get it right, the students are learning EN as (if they were) SP native speakers, thus Duo considers they do have the means to type with SP letters...


I was thinking the same thing about their logic! They are probably assuming that the native Spanish speaking students are either at home or in some other location where their keyboard is customized like that. I have the international keyboard setting on all of my own devices, but in a shared computer lab, that is not practical at all. Frustrating!


You could install the SP layout and have them use it.
If not possible, a virtual keyboard? It's an "by default" available feature in some computer OS.


I have just started doing the reverse tree. I would like to have the buttons below too. Part of the time I do not use my own computer, and since I am still have a little trouble with accents, I feel that it would be best if I could continue to put them in and not get into a habit of leaving them out. This is such a great site and I have enjoyed it. I have learned more here than anywhere.

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