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  5. "Her seçimde oy vermen lazım!"

"Her seçimde oy vermen lazım!"

Translation:It is necessary that you vote in each election!

September 16, 2015



ıs "at every election you need to give your vote" acceptable? or would another specıfıc of senin be needed somewhere ın the turkish translatıon.

A vote is needed but not necessary.


First, I just checked with multiple English speakers and they universally agreed that it must be "to vote in an election" instead of "at." Google search seems to support this as well (since it chooses to ignore "at" in almost all results)

That being said, we do accept "You need to vote in every election" and a few other variants.


How would you say "It's necessary to vote in every election" ? (impersonal) "Oy vermek lazım"?


Yes, oy vermek lazım would be right.


This is one of those sentences that doesn't translate easily in English, therefore there could be many ways to say it. Mine would be "Your vote is needed in every election," but maybe there's another way to say that?


It is nessesary that you vote in each election! My answer was not accepted

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