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"This duty is very important to me."

Translation:Bu görev benim için çok önemli.

September 16, 2015



why cant bana be used ın thıs statement instead of benim için? does it become "of mıne"


I just check with a few Turks. "bana önemli" isn't really possible. :)


Is "This duty is very important for me" also correct in English? If it is, is there a difference between two? (I saw this sentence in English course as well and a lot of people had asked why "to" is used instead of "for" :)) But there wasn't an answer.


Sometimes the difference is very minimal or non-existent. In other cases, it is dramatic. Here is a dramatic example: "he gave his life to me" vs "he gave his life for me".

A medicine can be very important for me, for my health. It affects my life directly. Sleeping is also important for me. For my beauty. Something else may be important in my head, in my thinking. It is important morally, on principle, etc. Without having a direct effect on my life. Saving the snow leopard from extinction is important to me. TO me. Even though it makes no difference in my personal life whatsoever.

The line between "to" and "for" is blurry in most cases, in my opinion. :)


Both are equally fine and there is no difference. :)


It's not natural to say: bana önemli. / sana önemli mi? Etc. We don't say that. You'll be understood though.


Possibly a contradiction. 'icin' is not locative, whereas bana is. The statement is that of personal opinion, and not something impossed. Benim is possessive, therefore 'for me'. Bana is 'to me'.


How come görev is not accusative here? Isnt it an direct specific object?


Selam arkadaşlar,

Neden "görevi" kullanmayız?

Teşekkür ederim


I learnt that (bana = to me) and (için = for), but the app says you can't use (bana) here. In spite of what the hint says (under "to me") , it's wrong to use (bana) here.

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