"Neden o kitabı siz yazmıyorsunuz?"

Translation:Why are you not writing that book?

September 16, 2015

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Could you omit "siz" and still have the same meaning?


Yep! Subject pronouns are always optional unless you have two contrasting subjects in one sentence. :)


And why does the subject come after the object here? Anything gets emphasised this way?


In this case, the subject "siz" is getting stress. In general, the things closest to the verb in Turkish are stressed. :)


Thanks, AlexinNotTurkey!


I did omit siz, and got marked wrong.


Not really, because in this particular sentence, "siz" is emphasized. If it was not used, it would emphasize the book or the verb. You use the subject when you mean "Why are YOU not writing that book?" Like "Why is it not YOU who writes the book?" Another example; Gördüm: I saw it. Ben gördüm: "It's ME who saw it!"


Why is “why are not you writing this book” .......isn’t it equal to “why aren’t you writing this book”?



Good morning

"Neden o kitabı siz yazmıyorsunuz?" Translation: Why are you not writing that book?

You used the wrong word.

Bu - this. - Wrong word.

O - that. - When used as a demonstrative pronoun.

Thank you.


"are not you" is incorrect Why isnt he crying? = Why is he not crying? Am i not supposed to know = Aren't I supposed to know?


Well, this is about the English language. you can put the "not" right after the "are" only when you wanna use the short form in negative questions. Try "Aren't I" in long form and you'll understand.


"Neden o kitabı siz yazmıyorsunuz?" Translation: Why are you not writing that book? Grammatically (plural)

"Neden o kitabı sen yazmıyorsun?" Translation: Why are you not writing that book? Grammatically (singular)

Correct other answer & not formal. Spoken one to one & personal.


Since the "siz" is added doesn't that make the sentence : "Why aren't you the one writing the book" ? If not, please tell me how you would say that

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