"Als ik genoeg tijd had, zou ik meer eten."

Translation:If I had enough time, I would eat more.

September 16, 2015

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could someone explain why this can't be 'if i had enough time, i would have eaten more'


Your sentence implies that this opportunity has already passed. The above sentence implies that it's still going on, but the person just doesn't have enough time to eat more. The first part of your sentence doesn't match the rest:

  • "If I had enough time, I would eat more."

Meaning: shucks, I only have half an hour, which means I can only have a quick lunch, since I have to leave after that. If I had more time however, I would definitely eat more!

  • "If I had had enough time, I would have eaten more."

Meaning: I was at the restaurant this afternoon, but I had only half an hour, so I just ate a quick lunch. If I had had more time, I would have eaten more than just a quick lunch.

I hope that makes some sense!


it does! but how would you say the latter sentence in dutch?


"Als ik genoeg tijd had gehad, dan zou ik meer hebben gegeten."


It seems conditionals in Dutch are rather similar to English; it's a pity it's not explained more in the skill's "tips and notes".


"If I had more time . . . " I know genoeg does not mean more, but the sense is, hey, I don't have enough time.

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