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  5. "Den tjuende april"

"Den tjuende april"

Translation:The twentieth of April

September 16, 2015



Happy to see people connect it to weed. Having gown up in Germany I thought of something else :/


My dad is from Germany and brings that up every year whenever there's a refrence to it being about cannabis...


I'm American and that's where my mind went first too.


I'm german and my mind first went to Columbine (but then of course to the other thing related to Austria)


why not "the twentieth April"? How would you say that? As in: "this is the twentieth April [that we are going to Greece for our vacation]" or something like that?


I don't think you would phrase it that way at all. There is no definite form of the month names, so it would sound wrong. You'd probably say something like "Dette er tjuende gangen vi drar på ferie til Hellas i april" (This is the twentieth time we're going to Greece for our vacation in April), or some other variation.


aha - this is helpful. Takk!


Having trouble distinguishing between twentieth and seventh.


twenty has a definite "T" sound......seven more "sh"..But it's VERY subtle and, what with accents as well, it's going to always cause trouble . "Don't obsess with it" (like Duolingo does) is my advice.


Cannot hear that it is the sound tj and not skj


The slow version of the audio appears to be truncated in the beginning. It starts with just the "n" from "Den". The normal speed version of the audio is ok.


A certain Austrian painter was born on that day.

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