"Pro la malvarma vetero, Sofia malsaniĝis."

Translation:Because of the cold weather, Sofia got sick.

September 16, 2015

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But the cold doesn't make you more likely to get sick! It's a myth!


It makes you more likely to be inside, being exposed to more people in a smaller area. It also increases sexual desire, opening you up to a slightly increased chance of STIs.


So then it is fear of cold weather that makes you sick.


When in a cold environment, the body prioritizes it's energy on keeping warm. This means that it would not exert as much energy on other functions- such as the immune system.

Additionaly, being cold for an extended period of time makes it more difficult to sleep. This could lead to chronic fatigue, which as well, lowers your immune system.


'Due to the cold weather Sofia was ill' is not accepted.

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