Other Sites to Help Boost your Esperanto Learning!

Hello, everyone! I wanted to share with you guys how I've been learning Esperanto to the fullest! This includes some pretty awesome websites that will help reinforce the material. If you have any additions, let me know!

Of course, I've been using the Duolingo course on Esperanto. This helps teach me vocabulary and grammatical concepts of the language.

Here are some other sites that I've used and how I've used them.

  1. Memrise - I've been using the Duolingo Esperanto course to help drill the vocabulary since that's what's been one of the most difficult things for me. There's also some other excellent Memrise courses for Esperanto like this one which offers some useful Esperanto verbs.

  2. Lernu! - Lernu! is excellent. There are courses based on your level of the language. Not only are there courses, but there are recipes, books, articles, and much more in Esperanto! There's also a vortaro (dictionary) and a chat where you can practice your language application to talk to others from different countries.

  3. Esperantofre Site - This webpage provides a MASSIVE list of of dictionaries, translation machines, courses, and other helpful links that will help reinforce and further your Esperanto learning.

That's all I have for right now. I've been using these resources to help me.

Do you have any other helpful websites? Let me know! I'll be steadily adding more to this list. I especially need some listening comprehension exercises, so if you have any recommendations for these, that would be much appreciated!


September 17, 2015


Youtube. :) In particular, the Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo series is fully available there. This is a video series that teaches Esperanto, entirely in Esperanto. They speak slowly and clearly, with visual aids to help you understand (although there are few if any new words for someone who has finished the tree here!). The course itself is also available on DVD and has workbooks, but I found the videos alone to be quite helpful in training my ear / becoming confident enough to go to a local meetup.

For more rapid, natural speech, see Evildea. He (prolifically) creates videos in English and in Esperanto, with and without subtitles, on a wide variety of topics. Worth watching (this is my personal favorite), and you might pick up some slang. ;) (-- Oh, in fact, he has a new video up on Esperanto Slang... I'd better go watch that...)

Also, I particularly enjoyed watching interviews with people associated with the course here:

Oh, and for a laugh, check out William Shatner speaking Esperanto in a pre-Star Trek feature film...

Moving on from YouTube, how about a local group? Esperanto USA can help you find one in your area. I waited until I'd finished the course here, but I really shouldn't have. My husband (who learned "Saluton" on the way there) went with me, and was very warmly received. You should go!

Failing that, how about just chatting with some fellow Esperantists with a dictionary handy? I have used both italki and HelloTalk, but there are many more out there, as well as Lernu. ((EDIT: In fact, you already mentioned the chat feature on Lernu. My bad. :-) ))

Hey, speaking of Lernu, I highly recommend running through some of the courses there after finishing the tree here (or before, if you like to split your focus that much). I was able to zip right through Ana Renkontas, picking up a few useful words and phrases, and it is a course that's graded by a real, live "lingvohelpanto" -- so I took some risks with the way I phrased things, and was able to confirm or correct my Esperanto outside of the specific sentences found here.

Of course... once you've finished (ahem, and golded) the course here, the Esperanto world is pretty much yours. ;-)

September 17, 2015

Great list of resources. Thanks so much!!

September 18, 2015

Dankon por la ligiloj! :)

September 17, 2015

Dankon, kara RitaRenne

September 17, 2015

With apologies that it's been ages since I updated it because life got on top of me:

September 19, 2015 offers an Esperanto course. It's worth checking out.

September 20, 2015
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