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"Everybody in Norway eats brown cheese."

Translation:Alle i Norge spiser brunost.

September 17, 2015



Why is "alle spiser brunost i norge" not good? I thought there was this rule with the verb in the second position of a sentence? Or is "alle i norge" considered one "word"


A yes to your last question :)


why is it wrong to put alle sammen?


You can only use 'sammen' if you haven't explicitly specified who 'alle' is.

"Alle er gode" or "Alle sammen er gode" both work because you haven't specified who 'alle' is in the sentence. It may still be implicitly understood who 'alle' is.

"Alle kaktusene er gode" works, but "Alle sammen kaktusene er gode" doesn't, because you have specified who 'alle' is.


Why does it suggest "alle sammen" when you hover over the words? And "om" for "in"?


The hints are present for all sentences with the same words. So if it's a hint and works in another sentence, it doesn't mean it works for them all, but the tip is still going to be displayed.


Why is it "brunost" and not "brun ost"?


because thats what they called it? Why are cheeseburgers called cheeseburgers and not cheesy burgers or burgers with cheese?


It depends. It has a bit of a bitter, yet caramel-like flavour to it. Some like it, some don't.


what is brown cheese?


It's a cheese typically consisting of goats or cows milk mixed with sugar until it's caramelized. It comes in different levels of strong flavors and shades. The lightest has a flavor of creamy goat cheese with strong caramel, but the darkest has hints of a cheddar flavor. Norwegians have told me it's best eaten on waffles with strawberries on top. I've had it in freshly baked buns with strawberry jam, and can attest to its its deliciousness.


Don't most Norwegians call it geitost? What I buy imported from Norway to the USA has geitost written on the label.


It's mostly interchangeble. Geitost have in recent years started to refer to other kinds of goat cheeses too though, like Snøfrisk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcRqpZr-1Sc


I want to try brown cheese.

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