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Change from English for Spanish Speakers?

Hi, I'm trying to set up a classroom for my Vietnamese students and it is only giving me the option to use spanish speakers. Is this possible to change and/or will it affect their ability to use the course material (as in will it be giving them spanish instead of Vietnamese or would they still be using the English for Vietnamese content on their device?)

September 17, 2015



Hi! To clarify: you want to teach English to Vietnamese speakers, right? Assuming your Duolingo account is in English: The best way to set it up is to set your language to Vietnamese when creating the classroom, and choosing "English". Then you can switch your Duolingo language back to English and your class should remain intact. Does that help? They can change language on their device, but if you want them to show up on your Dashboard, the classroom you set up has to be in the right direction. :]


@vivasaurus. That seems to have done it thanks. Now will just have to figure out how to get back to English as my Vietnamese is terrible!


Hi Mr.Chris3,

see explanations here about how to switch among courses. Especially the point \2. if you're under an interface in a language you don't get.

Update [2017/05/03]: here a script allowing an easy and quick Switch between courses.

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