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"Hvor mange grekere lever i Hellas?"

Translation:How many Greek people live in Greece?

September 17, 2015



I am a Greek native in Hellas. Our population is around 11 million. However only 10 million of them are native Greeks. The rest 1 million, are immigrants. Also there are around 7 million Greeks in diaspora, (USA, Germany, Australia etc.) and around 1 million Greeks in Cyprus. So, in total the global ethnic group of Greeks is around 18 milliion (10 εκατ, Ελλαδίτες, 7 εκατομμύρια ομογενείς και 1 εκ. Ελληνοκύπριοι).


What is the difference between lever and bor?


I'm not fluent in Norwegian so I don't know for sure but lever means leben in German which sort of refers to living as in living a lifestyle (Jeg lever i en fantasiverden). Bor means living (wohnen) for example in a house, city or country (Jeg bor i Norge). Hope that makes sense.


lever is to live bor is to reside or to dwell


Surely then, this sentence should use 'bor' rather than 'lever'..? I'm confused :(


"bor" shouldn't be wrong either :)


How many Greeks live in Greece?.... a more natural English sentence.


I like how Norwegian uses the endonym. :)


About 11 million


Why is it called Hellas? Any interesting story behind that?


It is "Hellas" because Norwegian simply borrowed it from the native Greek word for the country (from Ελλάς~ "Ellas"). This is the "endonym" (it would be the equivalent in English of calling Spain "España" or calling Germany "Deutschland"). Interestingly/ironically, Greeks themselves rarely use this word as it is considered rather literary nowadays- the most common modern Greek word for Greece is Ελλάδα (~ "Ellada").

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