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"Estas hundo sub la tablo kaj kato sub la seĝo."

Translation:There is a dog under the table and a cat under the chair.

September 17, 2015



"A dog is under the table and a cat under the chair." Why do you consider this wrong?


You started with "a dog is", so there is "is" for the cat part missing. The sentence after "and" does not contain a verb. "There is a dog […] and a cat […]." works, as it is no more two sentences, but a list (a dog, a cat,… )


Does it mean that in Esperanto one may use the verb esti without a person of the verb and then it means: there is/ are? What about other verbs: exp: kreskas plantoj kaj bestoj. How would I translate that into English?

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Why is this sentence 'There is a dog ... and a cat ...', not 'There are ...'?

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