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"Vi forbereder oss til bryllupet."

Translation:We are preparing for the wedding.

September 17, 2015



In German it's "vorbereiten" - I swear that German and English = easy Norwegian guarantee :Þ


Why is this not translated as "We are preparing ourselves for the wedding" ?


You could translate it that way, but while the reflexive pronoun is mandatory in the Norwegian sentence, it's much less likely to be used in the English equivalent.


Why not "for bryllupet"? Do I have to just remember that or maybe any rule exists for this case?


The verb "å forberede" takes the preposition "til" when you're preparing for something, like an event or an exam. When followed by an infinitive, it takes the preposition "på". It would only take the preposition "for" if you were preparing something for/on behalf of someone.

Prepositions are notoriously tricky, and map poorly from language to language. The English ones still cause me trouble on a daily basis.


We prepare us and we prepare ouselves is not the same? Grrrrrrr.... does not accept it...


No, it has to be 'we prepare ourselves' in English.


I wrote "marriage" instead of "wedding". Can someone explain why only "wedding" would be acceptable? [Don't both words refer to the ceremony as well?] Thanks in advance


As far as I know marriage refers to the state of being married (or, as my dictionary states, a legally or formally recognized union) and not to the act of getting married itself i.e. the wedding. Since a wedding is defined as a marriage ceremony, I guess the translation "We are preparing for the marriage ceremony" should be a valid translation?!?


Thank you! I love working on my English (I'm not a native speaker) at the same time as learning Norwegian. =)


Common misunderstanding. Marriage is the institution. Wedding is the event.


thanks for clarifying


In the context of this sentence: i presume they are talking about preparing themselves for the wedding ? (the bride putting on her dress and makeup, the groom wondering if he has made a huge mistake etc :P). How does one say "we are making preparations for the wedding", like order the caterer, flowers, priest etc. Thanks.


Probably Vi forbereder ting til bryllupet.


Does this apply to both bride and groom planing the wedding and everything and also the guests getting dressed for the wedding?


It could be either.


shouldn't "we prepare us for the wedding" be accepted as correct?


That doesn't make sense in English. You could say "we prepare ourselves".


Funny that while trying to learn Norwegian, I now and again also learn a few things about English :-)

A bit like two for the price of one :-D

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