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"Le mele nel piatto sono le nostre."

Translation:The apples on the plate are ours.

November 3, 2013




Singular Feminine: "la nostra"

Singular Masculine: "il nostro"

Plural Feminine: "le nostre"

Plural Masculine: "i nostri"


Can someone explain, why I have to use an article before nostre here, but some questions before in the sentence "il gatto è nostro" there was no article necessary? i can't figure out what the difference is, because i don't think it has something to do with the plurars. I unterstand that there is no article needed in case of close family members. so is a cat a family member?


This has nothing to do with family members. The sentence can be written with or without the article. Using the article suggests that the apples are ours as opposed to belonging to someone else.


It's "nostre" that suggests that the apples are ours. You state that the sentence can be written with or without the article but when I wrote "Il coltello è il nostro" on a previous question it was marked wrong and the comments explained that one is to exclude the article when the possessive is written without a noun (not a combination). "Le nostre mele" but "Le mele sono nostre." ????? Because it's plural?


As I see it, and I could be wrong, the absence or presence of the article with the possessive pronoun changes the connotation.

Without the article, it addresses who the owner is:

"Le mele... sono nostre" might be analysed as "There are some apples and they belong to us (not to someone else)".

The sentence with the article addresses which ones belong to someone.

"Le mele nel piatto sono le nostre" might be analysed as "our apples are the ones on the plate (not those other ones)"

Comments and corrections welcome.


There are similar explanations from native Italian pierugofoz, so I think you're right. Your examples are very good. Thank you.


Why 'nel' and not 'sul'?


Nel is the usual preposition for on or in.


voice pronounces nel la : extra la.


Here she sounds like she's saying an nella


Yes, she very clearly said nella. I missed the question because of that.


My question mark was in error. I was going to finish the sentence there but I thought I should explain. So my phrase "The apples on the plate, they are ours" you would say is wrong, Given the use of sono in the original?


Your sentence isn't wrong, just something an English teacher would complain about since it has two subjects. You don't have to say "they are" whenever you see "sono". "are" will do.


On the English side of this I would like to quickly address a pronunciation question I've seen asked before: Are is pronounced R, and Our is pronounced Hour


How do I say, "The apples are on our plate"?


Le mele sono nel piatto nostro.


and why not "Le mele sono nel nostro piatto" ?


Would "Our apples are on the plate" be correct?


"Le nostre mele sono nel piatto." = Our apples are on the plate.


Why does it say nella, when it is nel. And then I get wrong. Also sets up wrong mental images in my mind, which then sets up confusion in my menral translations.


It doesn't accept correct answer


Yay you can get lingots for commenting now!


How do we decide what gender 'le nostre' gets?


agreement with the subject le mele


Why is the male voice saying this in fast forward? How the hell can I be expected to learn Italian if I've got to play everything in slow motion?

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