"She is the lady whose daughter is a professor."

Translation:Hun er damen hvis datter er professor.

September 17, 2015

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I would like to point out that using the determiner "whose" is uncommon in Norwegian. As an alternative to the translation in the answer, you could say: "Hun er damen som har en professor til datter" or "Hun er damen som har en datter som er professor".


I agree. I think "Hun er damen hvis datter er professor" sounds really weird and unnatural. I can not imagine anyone saying that.


Yeah, it's rather outdated.. Most norwegians only use 'hvis' for 'if'. ex "If you want to" - "Hvis du vil"


Indeed, most Norwegians would say : "Hun er damen som har en datter som er professor", but we could also say "en datter utdannet professor" = "a daugther graduated/educated professor" instead of using twice "som har".

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