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Add a student to class w pre-existing account?

How do I add a student to my class without having them sign up for a new account if they already have an account?

September 17, 2015



All of my "students" that I've added had pre-existing accounts. Here is how I invited them.

I went to the Dashboard https://dashboard.duolingo.com/

Then I either click on a pre-existing class or go to "Create new classroom"

If I clicked on pre-existing class then I choose the green button that says "Invite more students". I copy the link it generates and mail it to my students. Once they click on that link, it should give me permission to view their progress.

If I click on Create new classroom, I choose the language I'll be teaching, and then click on the blue button "Invite students" and continue with the process.

If you've tried that and the link did not work, Duolingo techs will need more information to determine the problem, such as what kind of device students are using when accessing the links. If hey are receiving an error message, which message are they receiving? And what browser they're using.


See answer there.
You need them to be logged in into their account when they click on the link.

Otherwise, the system can't know they have an account so logically offer them to create one. But then it's normal they can't use the same info than their existing account to create a new one (and the system can't know they are the same person).


I'm trying to do that too - I've tried disabling their account but the new Duolingo school account remembers their username and e-mail and won't let them join my class - any help would be fantastic!


Hi Chris! Students can keep using their regular accounts, all you need to do is send them the classroom link and they should click on it while logged in and approve you tracking them. If that is not working and you want to send me username information about your student, please send it to us at teachers@duolingo.com :]


This seems to have changed; I don't see a green 'add new students' button?


Hi LarissaKon3,

Have you checked the Educator's Help articles? You can find them here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/categories/202010963-About-Duolingo-for-Schools

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