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Anyone there?

Is there anyone from Duolingo that answers questions regarding accounts, ever?

September 17, 2015



Yes, I regularly see Vivisaurus go through and answer questions in the Educator forum. Because Duolingo is free, it only employs a very small staff. So patience is appreciated.


Hi! Is something wrong? This is a good place to ask, we are happy to help!


My personal account and my teacher/classroom account seemed to be linked and mixed up, to where when I log in using the link provided to my students, it takes me to my personal learning space. I tried to go to schools.duolingo to try to start a new class group, but could not get to that, for the same reason. My personal account was started with my personal email, while the classroom was done through my school email. Any suggestion as to how to rectify this sitation?


Your Duolingo teacher account and your personal account can be the exact same, unless you create two unique accounts with unique emails and usernames. You can log in to Duolingo main site with the account you want to use as a teacher and visit https://dashboard.duolingo.com/ and access your Duolingo for Schools dashboard that way.

If you find yourself logged in with the wrong account, try logging out by clicking on the down arrow next to your picture on the blue bar above, and then logging back in with the correct account by visiting https://schools.duolingo.com/ and clicking on "Get Started". I hope it helps, please let us know if it doesn't.


Thank you Vivisaurus. It looks like I can see thedashboard of the class with the current srtudents that signed in with the link I gave them. However, it looks like it is the same name, whether I go to my personnal account or the class. I created a new classroom and merged the two under that one. I'll share again the link with the students to have them all try it at the same time, this week. I'll let you know if it works as planned at first. The classroom does not show the Italian icon next to my name, so I'm hoping it will all go well.


OK, let us know. You can always write to us at teachers@duolingo.com if you want to share some more information with us that you don't want to post in the forum. :]

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