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How many people have completed the Norwegian tree so far?

September 17, 2015



I have, but I'm not sure if it counts.


Okay, I know it's off topic, but holy cow your language tree.


Do you have something like a dashboard where you can see how many people finished it?


I just finished it :)


how do you feel?where where do you see your language level? A2, B1 or more?


I have no idea actually, I haven't taken any standard test yet... I'd say I can understand written Norwegian fairly well, but spoken language is still very hard for me. I've recently started watching movies and listening to the radio in Norwegian, so hopefully that'll help with listening comprehension, and I brought back a couple books from my short trip to Norway this summer, so that should help with my vocabulary.

That said, I learned a little from a book and the Pimsleur course before the duolingo course came out, and I practice vocabulary alongside duolingo, so if you're just using duolingo you may get quite different results.

As for speaking... that's another story :)


Try out norwegian television :) This link has free tv shows and norwegian news https://tv.nrk.no/ Its the biggest norwegian televison and news agency.


What movies have you been watching? :) I don't know a lot of Norwegian movies that's why I'm asking


Mostly animated / kids' movies, since they're dubbed (easy to find on Netflix if you use a VPN to get the Norwegian version, or on torrent sites by searching for "norsk tale"). The annoying thing with those is that the subtitles are usually not transcriptions of what's actually said in Norwegian (I guess they're translations of the English dialogue), so I have trouble following what's being said... but maybe with more time -- and more vocabulary -- it will get easier..

Actually I find it's pretty hard to find movies or other audio/video that's easy enough to understand, since there's a very big gap between the simple sentences on duolingo and actual, normal-speed dialogue.. so I'm open to suggestions if you have any idea where to look for more resources :)


There are many Norwegian movies, I tend to look around on IMDb. This probably is a good starting point: http://www.imdb.com/search/title?languages=no

I also watch dubbed animation movies from Disney, Pixar, etc.

About my tree, still 35 skills to go.


hmm okay:) thank you.


Gratulerer!! :)


There are so many people trying hard (including me :P )


Good luck, I'm sure you'll get there! :)


I did, just today!


Are you confident enough to watch movies or read articles now?


Yes, but I started learning 2 years before the Duolingo course was available with material I found on the web (the NTNU NoW course, for example). Speaking, however, is another story. No confidence there at all.


Utrolig, danig8 !! Jeg håper at jeg kan fullføre [[right ordet ?]] kurset.


I did some time ago, but took me more work to keep it gold, as it is now :) I'm looking forward for some bonus skills


About 32 or so skills to go. Time has been limited lately, so hopefully I will be able to finish in the next few months. No big rush, really, as I find the reviewing to be very helpful and do spend a lot of time on that. Gratulerer to all who have finished :)


I did last weekend....gotta work on ewviewing it. my weakness listening :(


Jeg tror at norsk er ganske vanskelig. Jeg har gjort omtrent halvparten. Jeg gjentar [[redo ??]] leksjoner mye. "til" versus "for" er vanskelig. Og "på" popping up overalt, to make idiomatic expressions is challenging. Jeg har stått på å lære !!!
[[expression = I've been putting in effort (or trying hard) to learn ?? Something like that.]]


Your last expression would be: "Jeg har stått på for å lære!!!" ( "å stå på" means you must have put in an extra effort, and can also be used when you want to motivate someone to keep up his/her hard work: "Stå på!"). Det ser ikke ut til at norsk er spesielt vanskelig for deg, du skriver godt allerede.


I know of someone who completed it a couple of months or so ago, but it doesn't really count because they are native Norwegian and ran through the course :)


I finished it a while back. :D It was very satisfying seeing that gold trophy! I hope to continue practicing. ^_^

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