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A quick suggestion that, I think, would help many people.

Hey everyone,

I‘d like to suggest a new feature that shouldn‘t be too hard to implement and would make studying languages much easier for me, and probably for many other people as well. 

I experienced a couple of times that I do a certain lesson and notice that this particular lesson has an unsually high relevance for studying the language. Ironically, those are quite often the lessons that only have a few sub-lessons (say, 1 or 2) and only a few words to learn, which is why when you repeat them, your progress automatically jumps from 1 or 2 to the full 5 bars, and thus excluding it from being dealt with again in the near future. 

An example in Danish would be prepositions 2, which deals with the more complicated prepositions in Danish. For me as a German learner, some of the other lessons can be done with relative ease, since the words are quite similar. But prepositions in Danish are pretty absurd (Sorry, Danes!) and not at all always logical, which would make them a lesson I‘d like to do regularly. Unfortunately, there‘s a couple of these lessons and I can‘t remember which ones I‘d like to do on the regular, so I always forget about it and just practice all skills or lessons where the bars are not full.

Other examples in Danish are Modality, Determiners and Relative Pronouns.

My suggestion now would simply be to implement a mark-up-feature, which would enable users to mark certain lessons as ‚important‘ or ‚worth repeating often‘, e.g. with a small red symbol that would appear next to them on the start page (think about the lingots symbol, something in that size or shape). The symbol should be able to be activated with one click and removed with anover click. Nothing but a small visual feature, and I‘m not a programming expert, but it should be possible somehow?

Thanks for considering and please let me hear your opinions!

September 17, 2015



I especially like this idea because I think if the developers had access to the statistics for which skills are being marked more often, that data could be a convenient way to figure out what skills might warrant having new lessons and materials added to them.


I didn't even think about that aspect to start with! Great idea!


It would be also interesting to see what skills are being marked more often by people with different first languages, i.e. the original poster mentioned finding Danish prepositions difficult as a German speaker. It'd be interesting to compare that to what English speakers(and so on) find difficult when learning Danish, and also to see if Danish speakers struggle with German prepositions as well.

It's a cool idea. :)


This would be fantastic, I agree. It would be especially valuable for all the incubated languages; for the original Duo languages, I can check the individual word strength if I really need to, but since word lists don't exist for incubated languages, I have no way to double check how well I know any particular word or skill section. At the moment, I've solved the problem by keeping track of words I consistently get wrong with a pen and a notebook, but I'm sure I've missed a few... an easy one or two click way to remind myself what needs reviewing would help me ensure I don't have any big gaps between what Duo says I know, and what I actually know.


It seems like you're not the only one who's using a notebook (there's another user who said he's using on to keep track), and I'm also using a vocabulary book, but yes, a small feature would help to fix that gap (that you described very precisely by the way, I have the same problem with what Duo thinks I know and what I really know).


Like a "favorites" tag or a bookmark. I agree, it seems like it would be a relatively easy add-on.


That would be a good idea I think. Right now I have to write these lessons down on a list so I can go back and repeat some of them every day.

I think the little symbol you want should change color also, so if you studied it today it would be green, if you studied it yesterday it would be yellow, then red if it had been three days. Either that or put a little number in it.

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