"Я пам'ятаю річку Дніпро."

Translation:I remember the Dnipro river.

September 17, 2015

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I'm all for trying to get English usage changed to "Dnipro", but the fact remains that for now it's overwhelmingly "Dnieper" in English, and that should at least be an accepted answer. My phone thinks it's a mistake, and tries to autocorrect it to "Dnieper". It's not like the German course would mark "Cologne" as an incorrect translation of "Köln", even though the English name comes from French instead of German.


Dnieper, Kiev, Odessa - is not correct, it's RUSSIAN. Dnipro, Kyiv, Odesa - is Ukrainian


Are words "річка" and "ріка" completely interchangeable (regardless the size of the river)?


No, not quite. Ріка used for small river would sound strange.


Річка, however, can be used for any kind of river


А в русском языке - наоборот. Большие - это реки, - Волга, Дон, Обь, Енисей. Лена, Днепр, Дунай. Маленькие -речки, совсем маленькие - речушки.

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