"Gamze senden özür dileyince ben de senden özür dilemek istedim."

Translation:When Gamze apologized to you, I also wanted to apologize to you.

September 17, 2015

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Can someone explain why ozur dilemek requires ablative case?


no reason, that's the way it is and you have to memorize it :)


aw :(

I looked up 'dilemek' and its used in auxiliary verbs, do all of them require this case or is this one special ? like başarı dilemek,baş sagligli dilemek


özür = forgiveness

dilemek = to wish for

You can think of özür dilemek as "to wish/to ask for forgiveness". That way you know that you have to ask for forgiveness from someone and not apologize to someone.

Remember that not all languages work like English. Some verbs may directly happen TO an object, but in other languages some verbs happen FROM an object. And also, the meaning of the words are technically different from their English counterparts which accounts for the difference.


Thank for the clear response to the question. I had worked out that it must be something like that, but Duo here didn't give a breakdown of the meaning of özür as forgiveness.


That is it by rule.

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