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"He did not want to lose the game"

Translation:Li ne volis perdi la ludon.

September 18, 2015



I though perdi was for physical items, but "to lose a game" would be "malvenki." The distinction does not exist in English, but I thought it was more like the Russian, "потерять" and "проиграть".

Either way I reported it as my answer is 100% correct, but I wanted some clarification on the usage of "perdi" and "venki."

I thought I was sure that "win" was always "venki" and never "malperdi."


Unfortunately "venki" is often used in a wrong way. It's actually:

"venki la kontraŭulon" = to defeat the opponent

"gajni la ludon" = to win the game "perdi la ludon" = to loose the game

So "venki/malvenki la ludon" is incorrect although it is really often heard so that I think it could be tolerated.


I thought that "gajni" was to win an object, as in "gajni la ludon" would be to win a physical game disk or some such.


No. "gajni" is also

"gajni ludon" = to win a game

"gajni proceson" = to win a lawsuit


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