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  5. "Is dry cake normal?"

"Is dry cake normal?"

Translation:Ĉu seka kuko estas normala?

September 18, 2015



Is "Cxu seka kuko normalas" acceptable?


I put ĉu estas which I know wasn't needed, but is it really completely wrong to include?


What's the whole sentence?

"Ĉu estas seka kuko estas normala?" ? You can't put two "estas" into the sentence like that.


That's not what I meant. I feel like it should be okay to say "Ĉu estas seka kuko normala?" with one only estas, at the beginning.


That should be acceptable, but it's unusual word order in my experience, and might be misleading ("garden-pathing") since I would understand "Ĉu estas seka kuko?" as meaning "Is there any dry cake?" and then suddenly there comes a "normala" and I have to re-parse the sentence to have the estas not existential but copular.


I did it this way, and it was counted correct.

[deactivated user]

    Do we always need to add "cxu" before every close-ended question?

    Can "Estas seka kuko normala?" be accepted?


    You can't depend on the rising intonation for questions since not all languages have it, so that might be the only way to know it is a question.


    I think people may interpret it as "It is a dry, normal cake" due to Espearnto's lax word order.


    If that were the case, my first thought to understand this sentence would be: Is there a normal dry cake? XD haha


    Can malstranga be a synonym of normala?

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