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  5. "Youth knows this theater."

"Youth knows this theater."

Translation:Молодь знає цей театр.

September 18, 2015



Can somebody please explain when to use цей instead of це? I haven't been able to figure it out only by the examples.


Цей (masc.), ця (fem.), це (n.), ці (pl.) are adjectives, you have to agree them with a noun: цей кіт (this cat), ця дорога (this road), це місто (this city), ці чоботи (this boots)

Це is also a pronoun, you can't agree it with anything: це кіт (this is a cat), це дорога (This is a road), це місто (both "this city" and "this is a city"), це чоботи (these are boots)


I believe that this/these/that/those are noun determiners, not adjectives. And the other це is a pronoun if it is used as it.


Can the word "Юнак" also mean "a youth"?


"Юнак" is used exclusively as "young man" (male), it cannot be used for females. "Молодь" is used to name both males and females collectively ("young people").


For females it's юнка, but it's not that popular


It can, when referencing a single young man or a woman if I understand this word's usage properly(I am taking about "youth").

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