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  5. "Li fondos gazeton post jaro."

"Li fondos gazeton post jaro."

Translation:He will establish a magazine a year from now.

September 18, 2015



my last sentence before conquering the tree:)


So is "post jaro" (in a year) the opposite of "antaŭ jaro" (a year ago)?


Can we use "en jaro" instead of "post jaro"?


No. That would be more like "within a year".


Thanks for this clarification. I translated it as "within a year" and got it wrong; now I see why.


I consider that here 'in a year' means 'en la dauro de unu jaro'.


There are a lot of lessons for listening that say the sentence in Esperanto and then you have to write it. Some of these do not have any sound. This is one of them. I have been trying to test out on this lesson to level up and when you get to one of these the only thing you can do is skip and when you do you lose a heart. It is very annoying and I don't know where to report it.

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