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Conjugation of sein

Hello all! I posted this last year when I was in German 1 at school. My teacher taught us this poem to help us memorize the conjugation of sein. I want to post it here again to help anyone who has just started learning German. It was a big help for me, and I hope it helps you!

Ich bin hier.

Du bist da.

Er ist in Amerika.

Wir sind gross.

Ihr seid klein.

Sie sind an dem schonen Rhein.

I am here,

You are there,

He is in America.

We are big,

You (all) are small.

They are on the beautiful Rhine.

*I'm on a PC and I don't know how to type accents or the esztet, but I'll come back and put them in when I can use my Mac again.

September 18, 2015



Very good!! Thank you for posting this.


Thanks for your contribution!


Very kind and very nice of you to post that. Thank you

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